Friday, 4 July 2008

Lighthouse Love

So the past couple of days I've mostly been wanding around the house clutching my notebook, sketchbook and pens, drawing, doodling and jotting down ideas. Today I decided to have slightly more of a focus and try to produce something worthwhile. So I screenprinted a lighthouse. Whether that was worthwhile or not I'll let you decide, hehe.

I ended up with 11 decent prints, on a few different colours, and I've put the navy blue one above up on Etsy. I also made a few more cards, like this one:

It's been a very self-indulgent week, spending near-enough all the waking hours of the day drawing or printing or something of that nature. Nevermind.


Barbara Frankie said...

ooh, the light house looks just brilliant! I wish I was just as productive with my time as you are!

Lucy Player said...

Thankyou! Hehe, I think I actually over-did it a bit this week and became slightly screenprint obsessed. I think I'll try and get out the house a bit more this week!