Saturday, 20 December 2008


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This is what I've chosen to focus my latest college brief around.

I don't get annoyed by many things, but the misuse of apostrophes really winds me up. I know I probably slip the odd unnecessary one in here and there, or miss one out by accident occasionally, but when they're misused on public signs and notices I just! Don't be so careless! Use the poor little punctuation carefully and only when it is needed.

From the above paragraph you may have realised that I am turning in to quite a boring person and clearly need more to worry about. I'm pretty sure my classmates and tutors are getting slightly concerned about my attitude to it all. And a bit fed up with me pointing out rogue apostrophes as we walk through town (but come on, Jessops were advertising 'ONE HOUR PHOTO'S', and I felt it deserved pointing out).

Anyway, the 'greengrocer's apostrophe' is my focus for this typography brief. I have some plans - involving stickers. So don't stand still too long or you may just be stickered. I'll update as things develop...

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