Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Bad Music

I totally forgot to show this when the lovely Racheal sent me a copy before christmas some time. It's my 'life is too short to listen to bad music' illustration in issue one of Underground Art School! The whole magazine is great :)

Anyway, a couple of people have suggested I make 'bad music' Tshirts. I've looked in to getting Ts printed and...I'm not sure it would work, money-wise. So I thought I might try it myself, which would be nicer on the whole. I don't have the resources to get the drawing on a silkscreen, but I figured I could try making a stencil. So that's what I've spent this afternoon doing.

I've done a sample print on card. All in all, I quite like it. But I'm thinking I may have to make the stencil again (much to my fingers' woe). 'Life' isn't very clear, so I might make the loop of the cable bigger. And the headphones look a bit...odd. But I'm also thinking of making two stencils - one text, one image, so I could do two-colour prints. Not sure what colours, but I'll think about it.

Any thoughts?


Apryl said...

my favourite is the drawn one not the stencil but I do think it would be better to do two stencils one for the writing and one for the headphones.. no ideas for colours though as I can never make up my mind and stick to it... congrats for getting the illustration in a magazine/zine though. thats really cool.

Lucy Player said...

Hehe, I'm not much of a good decision maker either! I think I'll do new stencils and play around with colours etc. and see how it goes...
I've got the whole of next week off college, to plenty of time for some experimentation!