Monday, 19 January 2009

The banana's what?

So, my "greengrocers' apostrophe"-based project has resulted in this series of posters.
When a rouge apostrophe is slipped in to what is supposed to be a plural, it suggests possession. A sign advertising "banana's" makes me want to shout "the banana's what?" Nothing belongs to the banana. So I decided to give the banana possessions, by sticking labels saying "banana's" on various objects. I did the same for oranges and apples.

The posters feature a grid of the stickered objects alongside a list of all the things belonging to the fruit. It's quite ridiculous when you read it. What would the orange want with a teapot or a pair of scissors, you wonder...
I made a fourth poster summarising the concept behind the series and showing some photos of genuine "greengrocers' apostrophes".
It was quite a fun project, and I got quite in to it. Much to the amusement (or despair?) of others...

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