Tuesday, 10 March 2009


The past few weeks have been pretty hectic, but today it all came together, and it's so been worth it. We've been working on group projects at college, teamed up with students from interior design, developing concepts for the redesign of a food kiosk - name, style, products, branding, packaging etc. So this is all the work of Heather MacKenzie, Nicola Green, Nick Lunt and myself.

Our concept was to offer fancy cupcakes, soups and bruschettas. We were aiming for a style that combines a contemporary feel with antique, rustic twists. An exhibition's been set up at college, and this morning all groups presented their work.

I made some cakes. Mainly for display purposes in the packaging, but we also suspected the tutors may be open to bribes... They all went, and I'm hoping I didn't manage to poison anyone.

The project's been ace, and I was lucky to be working within a lovely group. But as nice at it has been, we were so glad to get it all handed in today. Time to start thinking about the new brief now - the final one of the year, gah!

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