Thursday, 30 April 2009

I'm a Seed.

We are Seed! It's coming up to the Year 2 End of Year show at college, and as a class we've started sorting it all out. I'm on the design team. We've been developing this 'South East Essex Designers' idea into promotional material for the show. Yesterday involved playing with seeds and a lightbox (watch this space for a video some time soon!). Today I think we just about finalised the posters/flyers/invites... It's been quite a mission, but think we're happy with it all now!
We also have a blog. Hopefully we'll start getting some work on there soon!


Anna Knight said...

very nice blog :D im guna steal the seed images 4 the seed blog if u dnt mind? works lookin rly nice :)

Lucy Player said...

Cheers Anna! Yeah, go for it - the Seed blog's looking good, well done :D