Monday, 19 October 2009

Wonderful No.2

Making progress with this compliments project, now. I've not actually explained what it's all about, have I?

It's for one of the D&AD Student Award briefs, to advertise Metro newspapers.
Metro = morning newspaper you pick up in cities = quick, easy read = not heavy-going = acts a a pick-me-up in the morning.

Compliments = pick-me-up. This project = getting strange looks as I go around town sticking things on walls.

Tried lots of different methods, but opting for cut-out newspaper letters, as it maintains that link with Metro. The next couple of weeks will involve a lot of newspaper, scissors, Blu-tak and wandering around looking for suitable walls.


Kimberley said...

I'm on that project too, but we've been assigned to work in groups of three, don't know why.

Are you doing RSA stamps as well?

Lucy Player said...

Ah cool! Gosh, must say I'm glad not to being doing it as a group project... And no, we're not doing RSA stamps... sounds interesting!

Hannah said...

what a cool project! good luck!

Lucy Player said...

Thank you! Lots to do before hand in, but hopefully it'll all come together!