Friday, 20 November 2009

Face in the hole!

Graduation is fast(ish) approaching, and in order to exhibit at the South East Essex College graduate exhibition, New Designers and D&AD next summer, we need to raise some money. So, we're organizing The Christmas Crawl of Carnage. Scarves screenprinted by ourselves will be sold as tickets, enabling free entry and deals on drinks in bars around Southend on the 18th December (come down if you can!).

Today was Face In The Hole day. We put together a little event at college to spread the word of the CCofC, and it went well! Loads of people were up for putting their face in the hole and getting their photo taken, and some of the photos will end up on the posters advertising the pub crawl.

Fun times!


Jonathan said...

I see these scarfs all over the printing room in college. Its a good way to raise money for your final exhibition. Hopefully my class do something simular when it comes to us.

Lucy Player said...

Ah yes, Sue in print must be fed up with us getting in her way in there now! Think we'll be coming round the classes this week trying to sell them. Your class should get a group together and come along Friday!