Thursday, 5 November 2009

It's a pick me up

I've come to the end of the D&AD brief to advertise Metro newspapers. The idea behind it all was that Metro is a 'pick me up', both literally and metaphorically. Did a bit of Photoshopping to see how the posters might look in situ, too.

It's been quite a nice brief, actually. Haven't done a project like this in a while - but I must admit I'm getting a bit twitchy that I've not been drawing much lately..!


adam said...

where did u get the dimensions for the strapline space on the tube? or what did you use ive been looking everywhere but cant find them! great concept aswell!

Lucy Player said...

Hey! I got the dimensions for the actual posters from the CBS Outdoor site:

Other than that, I just made up the sizing of the content... :)