Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Big update.

Right... time for an update. Things have been a bit mental with the current project, but it's progressing now and I thought I'd just post a bit of the development.

The brief itself has been set for our college group by Gustavo Fernandes from Why Not Associates (I know, a pretty big deal!). The idea is to meet someone you don't know and ask them questions. The questions and answers then form the basis of a poster and publication.

I chose to speak to a busker. I live opposite a busker called Spleeny - I've lived here for two and a half years and never really spoken to him, and was interested to find out about his busking lifestyle. He was so lovely and helpful, and said some really really interesting stuff (gold dust in terms of this project).

It's taken a few twists and turns. The first route looked a bit like this (and folds down in to a square, so that as you open it you're breaking open the stereotype to discover the truth etc.):

But I've ditched that now. I briefly tried looking at the unraveling wool of Spleeny's old jumper:

But now I've settled on bubbles. Spleeny said a lot about defense, division, realities and everyone going around in their own little bubble. The poster's got to be an A1 2-colour screenprint, so it's hard to get the true impression from this tiny image:

It's all starting to gain momentum. Christmas is a bit inconvenient, to be honest...could do with access to the print room at college between now and January, but nevermind... (oh, and I'm not really moaning about Christmas, especially as our fundraising Christmas pub crawl is this Friday!):

In other news, a worked on a logo design over the summer for Mullion Cove, a company who create luxury Cornish hampers. The website is now online :)

And finally...The lovely Tea Potty over on Flickr asked me a while back if it would be ok to embroider my Tea Please design on a tea towel for a Christmas present. How nice is this?!

Ok, I think that's everything for now. Apologies for the epic entry.

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