Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Printed posters

Managed to screenprint my A1 posters in the end, to varying degrees of success. Got a few decent ones out of it all, thankfully, and they came out quite nicely on the news print. My class is off up to Why Not Associates tomorrow to present our projects (exciting stuff!), and then we can draw a line under this brief and start thinking about the Final Major Project...ackkk!


howsueisnow said...

I absolutely LOVE this poster, definitely think it's some of your best work to date :) Can I ask how you did those bubbles?? Gorgeous!

Lucy Player said...

Aw, thanks! The original bubbles were made by mixing black ink, water and washing up liquid - blew in to the mixture with a straw and placed a piece of paper on top! The detail shows up more on the digital version, but you still kind of get the idea with the screenprints... :)

Anonymous said...

Wanna see whats really a poster? Google the name "Ziraldo".

Rose you are genius

Rubber J

susan murphy said...

Wow I actually thought you'd drawn it, never thought you'd get that much detail that way!