Monday, 28 June 2010

New Blood (again)!

D&AD New Blood has been pretty good! I spent some time up there Friday to man the stand for a bit and to have a Portfolio Surgery, and I was back up there yesterday. Loads of great work on show, nice atmosphere, but SO HOT!

Yesterday afternoon was pretty quiet, unsurprisingly, what with the sunshine and the football. But good old D&AD supplied a tv screen and some free beer, so we were happy! Well, happy as can be with a 4-1 defeat. The echoes of cheers and groans flowing around London was crazy!

So yes, it's been a nice few days. Taking down New Blood this evening, but then it'll all be coming back out again next week for New Designers! Exciting times.

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Lisa said...

...and it's pretty hot at New Designers too.