Sunday, 25 July 2010

Without rain...

Above is my entry for this year's Positive Posters brief. The focus of the brief is "Glass half full", and I thought the saying "without rain there can be no rainbows" summed up optimism fairly well.

In other news, the lovely band Bordeauxxx are using some of my drawings for their artwork/t-shirts etc. You can listen to them here, and buy a t-shirt here!


Lisa said...

Well done you! Who are these Chinese (I'm guessing) people who keep leaving messages on your blog?

Lisa said...

You should set the blog so that you always review comments before allowing them on here, they'll soon get tired of putting stuff on here then - won't get instant gratification of seeing there nonsense on here.
Just incase you don't know go to settings, then comments, then go right down to Comment Moderation and click always.