Sunday, 19 September 2010

A Saturday night in with the photocopier.

I spent my Saturday night playing with the photocopier, paper trimmer and double sided tape.

I've made this little book. It's kind of like a mini illustration portfolio. I guess I consider drawing as a hobby more than anything. And although illustration has crept in to a few of my design projects, my main portfolio doesn't show much of it.

But next week I'm taking my portfolio in to somewhere which is more illustration-focused, so I thought putting something like this together might be a good idea (plus, I just like mucking about with paper and photocopiers and making books and had nothing to do on a Saturday night).


Wendy said...

I just discovered your blog and your artwork and I want you to know you inspired me to get my sketchbook out and do some little drawings like those in your booklet you made - thank you for providing me with a creative outlet today - I love your style ( and I am not an artist at all! )

Lucy Player said...

Aw, thanks very much Wendy, glad to be of assistance!