Monday, 4 April 2011


Things have been quite nice lately. Been working on some good projects and doing some nice things. My friend and I (owner of the heart-covered shoes!) have decided we're going to attempt to get a flat together in London in the autumn. The weekend before last we went to Pick Me Up at Somerset House (excellent!) and confirmed our decision it by making out first purchase together:

We fell slightly in love with these calculator prints by Tom Rowe, part of the Evening Tweed collective.

Went to a fantastic typography exhibition afterwards - Roger That! at Kemistry Gallery. Got slightly carried away and bought some more art (I think we need to get our things-for-the-flat buying priorities straight, soon...). U for Uniform. The orange is practically neon 'in real life'. Love it.

Thinking about other bits and pieces we'd want in the future flat, I dug out this Rob Ryan tile I was given a couple of Christmases ago. Never got round to getting it framed, and I'd forgotten what phrase was written on it. Couldn't believe how apt it was when I unwrapped it.

So yes, nice times and future plans. Exciting stuff.

p.s I haven't just been swanning about buying art, I have been working hard too. We put this site live at work last week.


Anna Betts said...

Yippee! How exciting! I must say I'm more than a little jealous of your new city living plans... Have fun flat-hunting, it'll look gorgeous filled with all those art finds! xx

Lucy Player said...

Thanks Anna! Just hope it all comes together now. We'll probably end up in a complete dive, but we'll fill it with pretty things!