Saturday, 10 September 2011

Home sweet home

Long time no blog! I haven't updated since I moved to London. So far so good. All settled in and loving it. I've had to leave my lovely massive desk with my mum in Essex, but I'm pretty happy with my new setup on a smaller scale:

The novelty of being in a place where there's interesting things to do on your doorstep is yet to wear off. Bizarrely, on my first weekend in London, the southbank was dedicated to Southend (there's no escaping Essex!). I popped down to see the guys from The White Bus and picked up a few postcards I'd designed for them. Went to the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy a few weeks back too, and last weekend we went to The Museum of Brands and The Museum of Childhood. Alas, this weekend I have a cold and I've stayed in this evening drawing ampersands, feeling sorry for myself (geekily enjoyable, though...).

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lucylu. said...

Love the ampersands! Lovely.