Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Me and my brother loved Thunderbirds as kids. That time we got Tracey Island for Christmas? Best Christmas ever. 

So when, whilst working at The Grid Creative, I got to work on the marketing campaign for the 2015 ITV remake, Thunderbirds Are Go, it was pretty exciting times.

It was an extensive project which went on for about a year, all in all, in the build up to the show's release. We covered aspects such as tote bags and booklets for trade shows, invites to screenings, an obscene amount of web banners and press ads, exhibition stand designs, online viral campaigns, and even the logos for The Hood and Lady Penelope herself.

I believe series 2 has recently started - Saturday mornings on ITV, and on ITV Player now.

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tommahawk2000 said...

Really enjoyed watching the marketing campaign unfold. Thunderbirds usually gets a raw deal when it comes to how its marketed but the stuff for the new series is a great improvement. Great work. :)