Wednesday, 16 July 2008


I seem to have been kind of busy the past week - but not in the 'drawing/making/crafting' sense of busy. More the 'things to do, people to see' kind of busy. So as a result I haven't had much time for making, so I feel I've been fairly unproductive!

I had to go in to college on Monday to get my feedback for the year from my tutor. Pretty pleased! :)

On Saturday I let myself loose in Fabric Warehouse, and came back with this pile of goodies:

So now I can get printing and maybe make up a few cushion covers. Exciting stuff.

I also raided my stash of beads which has been neglected somewhat in recent years, and made myself and necklace. I was quite proud of myself for not sticking to any sort of order or colour-scheme. I can be a bit overly-organised in, well, most aspects of life (CDs are arranged alphabetically by artist, and books are arranged by the colour of their spine...I really need to get out more). But I just grabbed a hadful of beads and threaded at random.

And last week whilst in my textiles mood I made this:

So, on reflection, perhaps I haven't actually been too unproductive...

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