Thursday, 10 July 2008


I've been delving in to my sewing box this week. Felt like getting a bit crafty. I've had this big piece of thin grey felt-type fabric for a while and kept meaning to do something with it. So I made the above stencil and tried screenprinting it.

I was actually pretty pleased with how it came out. Not done much fabric printing in the past. Was a bit patchy in places, but not to worry. Took up most of my bedroom floor space though, heh.

I made it in to a cushion cover, to go over my big old Ikea cushion. I made another cover for a socond cushion, with left-over fabric from my bedroom blinds which you can just about see in the pic above on the right. You can also see in that pic a knitted cushion cover. I did that a while ago. Took an absolute age. And then I made a nice big felt flower to cover up numerous holes where I dropped a stitch here and there!

The printed cushion is not going on the shop, it's going on the bed. But I did do a couple of prints on to card which are now on Etsy:

Think I'll buy some more fabric and experiment with some more printing. Might even make some cushion covers to put on the shop. I've always had a bit of a soft spot for textiles. Especially felt.