Monday, 22 September 2008

Columbia Road & Howies

I've been a bit slow on the blog-front lately. So today I am going to make up for this with a fairly picture-heavy post!
Decided to go in to London for the day yesterday, Mum & I. We'd been wanting to go to Columbia Road in Bethnal Green for quite a while. Mainly because of this:

Rob Ryan's shop Ryantown. The pair of us are slightly obsessed with Rob's work. But we were quite restrained yesterday and simply drooled over the prints and tiles, and left with just a card.

Columbia Road in genereal is such a lovely place, though. The other reason we wanted to go was for the flower market that's held on Sunday mornings. People all over the place wandering around with massive bunches of sunflowers. Lovely :) All just very relaxed.

From there we headed to Carnaby Street. My entry for the Folksy/Howies competition reached the final nine, meaning it's on display in Howies in Carnaby Street for the week, for people to vote on!

The whole display looked fantastic. Really nicely put together. Everyone's pieces looked great.

And that up there is my piece, and the high-tech voting system of sticky stars - got to love it! & I'm pretty chuffed to have so many stars, I must say.

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notebook doodles said...

that is such a cute voting system! i vote for you =) and here is your *golden star*