Wednesday, 1 October 2008


There's something very satisfying about clicking on the link of one of your favourite daily blogs, and being greeted with your own work - such as when Swiss Miss featured my Bunny Rabbit Alphabet yesterday! :D

Well, I'm settling back in to the college routine again. All going well so far. The new brief is all about these:
And I've decided to go down the route of cutting puns/expressions/sayings along the lines of this:
A cut above the rest, Cut the mustard, Power cut, Price Cut, Cut your losses...the list goes on! More pictures to follow when I actually know what I'm doing...
Much of my morning was spent drawing cutlery, a cutlass, a cutlet of meat and a cuttlefish.


unco said...

Hi there,

i like your stuff, im also a designer and there is one cover i would like you to help me with. Couldnt find any direct contact to you - please send me a message if you can my email goes like :

adam [atsign] juice [ dot ] pl

thanks a lot,

Sharon said...

Hi Lucy! Thanks for the comment! I really liked your piece too and was convinced either you or Lu Summers was going to win! Loving the scissor idea by the way.