Thursday, 26 March 2009

the big two-one

I apologise in advance for the self-indulgent and image-heavy post this is about to become, but it was my birthday at the weekend and I had such a lovely time that I felt the need to post about it. I was spoilt all weekend with good food and good company. Good times.

Birthday breakfast / lilies / balloons / candle in a carrot cake
Lovely books (two of which my brother bought me, not knowing they're actually on my Amazon wish list. Score!) / Rob Ryan wall dacals / Sarah Young linoprints / I got the L, U, C & Y of the Sea Alphabet
If You Could 2008 print collection! It seems a shame to keep them all boxed up, but there's too many to frame or anything. So I'm thinking...a bulldog clip and a rotation system?
ring from my Dad / watch from the grandparents / bracelet from the aunt & uncle / ring from my Mum that she was given for her 21st
My grandparents made a photobook of, well, my life. I'm a bit of a sentimental old fool and love anything like this. Really special :)


debsmuddle said...

Belated happy birthday Lucy

Lucy Player said...

Thanks Debbie :)

Anna Betts said...

PS - Happy Birthday! Looks like you got a bumper haul! This really is the last comment I'm going to write on your blog tonight, your blog is just so nice :)

Lucy Player said...

Thanks Anna! Tehe, comment away, it's always nice to know someone reads this thing!