Tuesday, 24 March 2009

A bit of book-love

Last Tuesday at college we were put in to groups and asked to come up with a concept the 3rd year Interior Design group's exhibition book. & today we had to pitch our ideas. Our group came 3rd (congrats Carly and Sophie!), & Nick, Nicola and myself were pretty chuffed with what we'd done. It was kind of based around the Dulux colour sample cards you get. We made a mock up, with all these nice tracing paper bits etc. It looks a bit battered (or 'well loved') now, but took some photos anyway.

Obviously it won't actually say 'info info info' and 'project title', but you get the drift...
It was quite a nice little project. I do love making books.


Anna Betts said...

This looks cool, I got really REALLY excited for a minute there and thought you had a book of coloured letraset. I've recovered now!

Lucy Player said...

ooh, now that would be exciting!