Sunday, 5 April 2009

Folksy Featured Sellers for April

So, my name was picked out of a hat by the powers that be over at Folksy. My mission, should I choose to accept, was to pick four featured sellers for April. And it's been harder than I thought - quite a responsibility! So much talent to choose from. But I've gone with the following:

Click Click Camera pendant / Cream cupcake earring studs

Glue and Glitter’s shop is full of fun, kitsch items with a bit of “British eccentricity” about them. Thought these illustrated cupcake earrings designed by Laura at were super. And the camera pendant is just really playful and quirky.

2. Sara Carr

Bert Plush Lambswool Toy / Lambswool Knitted Abstract Stick Tree Plush Toy

Sara Carr makes beautiful woolly goodies. I think I’m in love with Bert (who, incidentally, is “very sensitive and loves eating wagon wheels. He dislikes velcro and spiders”). This lambswool tree is also pure knitted genius. Cupcakes, sausage dogs, hedgehogs and more in her shop.

3. Sparklehen

Teacup-print / A ballyhoo of birds

Sparklehen has some lovely illustrations in her shop. I love the slight wonkiness to the teacup print, and the soft colours. And the birds just make me grin! So cute with their individual patterns and personalities.

4. Mrs Eliot Books

Take a letter Miss Jones! – ‘Bowls’ letter writing set / Hello & Goodbye – ‘Patterns’ notecard set

Francesca has a fine range of cards, illustrations, collages and much more in her Mrs Eliot Books shop. I’m a sucker for nice stationery, and these sets of printed letterpaper and notecards are so colourful and different. Very nice indeed.


Glueandglitter said...

Thankyou! I am delighted and suprised that you have chosen me as a featured seller for April! I love all the others you have chosen too, I love sparkle hen and Mrs elliot. What a collection it will be!

Francesca said...

hi lucy, what a lovely surprise on a monday morning! thanks so much for choosing me. i've seen you around folksy and love your work too.

niftyknits said...

Congratulations - I wish you all lots of sales :-)

jamesb said...

great choices - thanks :)

Lucy Player said...

Glad you're all pleased with the choices! :D

Miss Ann Art said...

Nice selection!

vintage girl said...

Hi Lucy, love your choice of new featured sellers, I'm especially fond of Mrs Eliot. Also, love your blog, so now I'm following you...

vintage girl said...

Oh bum, no I'm not following you because I can't - lovely blog though and great links x