Thursday, 21 May 2009

End of year show.

A slightly image-heavy post. Some pics from Seed, our end of year two show at South East Essex College.

The obligratory stand-next-to-your-work-and-look-awkward photo.

Lucy Player:

Anna Knight:

Sophie Evans:
Nick Lunt:
Nicola Green:
Steve Wood:
Jan Surakiat:
Rob Brown:

Christine Murnane:

Chantelle Watkins:
Richard Smith:
Carly Mathews:
Ben Stanbury:


Lisa Jane Horner said...

Lovely how you've set the photos out, and it's funny what you said about 'obligatory stand next to your work and feel awkward' lol

Magic Alice said...

Your Show looks fab..really inspiring!

Lucy Player said...

Thanks! I think everyone's really pleased with how it went :) Oh and Lisa, I thought your piece was really good too, by the way!

Lisa Jane Horner said...

Thank you, so was yours it has your playfulness about it which is rather lovely. How did you do those photos by the way? Can't work it out

Fabric Nation said...

Looks fab - well done!

Admin said...

everything look so nice.. great job & keep it up.


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