Friday, 29 May 2009


I guess my summer has now begun. Making lists of things to keep me occupied until college resumes in September. Got some work experience starting in a couple of weeks, though, so there's not much chance of me being idle! And another little project came up yesterday that I can get stuck in to, which should be good.
Anyway, I screenprinted this bit of fabric months and months ago, but until this week hadn't got round to making it in to a cushion cover:

It's now listed on Folksy. Hopefully with a bit more time on my hands I can get some new things up on the shops. It was last summer that all that Etsy/Folksy malarky began, just to keep me busy over the summer, and it was possibly one of the best decisions I ever made!

Oh, and I got round to updating this week, as well :)


Lisa Jane Horner said...

Well done with all your sales Lucy. You're very inspirational


Lisa Jane Horner said...

Whoops I meant Lisa

conversationpieces said...

Love the cushion!