Wednesday, 17 March 2010


The next focus of my Final Major Project has been with Mythology & modern culture. I wanted to look at the gaps that would be present today had mythology not existed. Mythology has had a big impact on language - I wasn't aware of the mythological origins of words such as panic, cereal, morphine etc. (I'm loving how I'm actually learning things with this project!).

So I constructed a modern context to try and fit as many words from mythology in as possible. It resulted in a bizarre personal ad. As you go through the book, the gaps and filled in and the origins of the words explained.


d e b b i e said...

i like it! Really nice idea.

Lucy Player said...

Hehe, thank you! Better than my first attempt at cramming all the words in to a paragraph - it turned in to a story about a martial arts expert who tripped over a fire hydrant and ended up in hospital! Bizarre.