Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Mythology & Science

Amongst all the fun of the exhibition, A4 Draw, comedy night fundraiser and such, I've also been trying to get stuck in to the Final Major Project. I chose Mythology as my subject.

I began by looking in to the relationship between mythology and science, and how myths were used as a form of reassurance when there was no science to turn to. I came to the conclusion that, actually, believing that gods have power over nature is much simpler than trying to understand the scientific explanations. Believing that a rainbow is created when the messenger goddess Iris speeds through the sky at such a rate that all you can see is the trail of her colourful robes, is easier than trying to grasp the principles of reflection and refraction...

So I made some posters. Folded up you're presented with the complexity of science, which opens out to the simplicity of the mythology.

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